Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are the Kickster Academy goals?

Our Football Goals, Spot Rebounders and Quick-Hit hitting nets are all made from super durable steel tubing, complimented by flexible fibre glass uprights to help form the shape of your goal or rebounder.

The products are repeat repetition tested with ball shots up to 120kph, with the exception of our Kickster Elite target goal which has been tested with close range shots up to 100mph – a video which can be seen on our Facebook page!

How much does a Kickster weigh?
  • Kickster Academy 6 x 4 = 5kg
  • Kickster Academy 8 x 5 = 5kg
  • Kickster Academy 12 x 6 = 9kg
  • Kickster Academy 16 x 7 = 10kg
  • Kickster Acadeny 3m x 2m Futsal goal = 9kg
  • Kickster Combo (Goal + Rebounder) = 6kg
  • Kickster Spot Rebounder 8 x 5 = 6kg
  • Kickster Spot Rebounder 7 x 7 = 7kg
  • Kickster Quick-Hit 8 x 8 = 6kg
I have discovered a broken part - what do I do?

We apologise in the unlikely event that you receive damaged goods or that a part breaks, and we will happily replace the part at issue if covered under our warranty.

All you need to do is let us know when you ordered it and from what platform, ideally providing an order or invoice number.

Our friendly customer service team are available 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday (excl. Public Holidays) and you can reach us by phone on 082 823 6526 or you can send an image of your goal indicating the broken part you require, along with your address, telephone number and the name of the product to . We will then be able to assess which part needs to be sent out to you.

Is the base supposed to bend like that?

The first time you put your Kickster Goal or Rebounder together can be a bit strange if you have never done so, but within the first few seconds you will see how simple all of our products are to put together.

With all of our Play range Kickster Goals and Rebounders, there is supposed to be a small but perfectly designed curve in your baseframe before you attach the net. This is to allow the uprights on either side to help keep tension in the net, so you can enjoy your Kickster Goal or Rebounder to its full effect.

Are the uprights supposed to bend like that?

The uprights are made of a super durable and flexible fiberglass, and are designed to have a small bend in them sufficient to keep tension in the net of your Kickster Football Goal or Spot Rebounder.

We recommend bending the upright ownwards from side on, or towards you from its position locked in to the base frame.

How do I assemble my Kickster Academy Football Goal / Spot Rebounder

All of our products from the smallest Kickster 6 x 4 garden goal right up to the large 2m x 2m Pro Rebounder come with instructions on how to assemble your product.

The great thing about our ‘Kickster’ range of Goals and Spot Rebounders is that the basic principle is essentially the same- once you have put one up, you can put them all up!

There are 4 constituent parts to your Kickster Goal.

The baseframe, which unfolds and clicks together to form the main floor shape of your goal so that you have a long bar across the back and two bars pointing away from the longer bar. Two steel and fibreglass ‘uprights’ which are pre-elasticated and sit in the remaining opening in the corner joint of the baseframe.

Lastly of course, the net, which loops around the front facing arms of the bottom of the base frame, and at the top of the upright where the net can be ‘plugged in’ by slightly bending the uprights towards you.

As can be seen in this video, the only differences with our Spot Rebounders is the addition of the Tilt Bar, which is also Pre-Elasticated and slides along the forward facing arms of the base frame to add the tilt aspect to the Rebounder, and of course, the net is slightly different in shape but fits to the frame in the same fashion as with the Kickster Goal.

I need more bungees / net clips!

If you require more bungees to attach the net to the base frame, or net clips to attach the net to the uprights, please get in touch with us and we can send some out subject to availability.

What size goal should I get?

While Quickplay believes that any size Kickster Football Goal or Spot Rebounder can be used in a multitude of situations and for a wide range of training scenarios for players of any age, if you need goals specifically for match day scenarios The FA outlines specific criteria to be met for certain ages.

For 5-a-side Mini Soccer in the U7/U8 category, a 12ft x 6xt goal is recommended, such as our Kickster Academy Ultra Portable 12 x 6 goal or our super durable Match Standard 12 x 6 Match Goal.

A 12 x 6 goal size is also recommended for 7-a-side Mini Soccer in the U9/U10 category.

Youth Soccer in the U11/U12 category playing 9-a-side suggests a 16 x 7 goal, for which you might consider our Ultra Portable Kickster Academy 16 x 7 goal.

From U13 onwards, the recommended size is a 21 x 7 goal which Quickplay will proudly be releasing in Ultra Portable Kickster variety and in Match Standard range in Summer 2016, to be confirmed soon…

Where is appropriate to use my Kickster Goal or Rebounder?

Your Quickplay Kickster Academy Football Goal or Spot Rebounder is perfect for the garden, the park or the beach! Its innovative design and super-quick set up time mean it can be put up and packed away in less than 2 minutes into a convenient carry-bag.

The Quickplay Kickster Elite target goal, Spot Elite Rebounders goal range have been developed with a weighted base frame and rubber feet pads, so these goals can even be used on a hard surface with no need for ground pegs or sandbags.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a 12 month ‘no-quibble’ guarantee on our range of Kickster Football Goals and Spot Rebounders where no forced damage or deliberate misuse has occurred.

New for 2015 is the Match Goal and Match Shelter, which we are offering a 2 year parts warranty on because we are so sure of its durability!

Just call or email our friendly team who will be able to help you.

I want to return an item, how do I do that?

We understand that sometimes when you order an item, you can change your mind before it arrives, and will want to return it. If this is the case, we recommend you use a registered postal service which insures you for the value of the package and allows you to track its return to us.

We are unable to refund shipping costs as we cannot claim back the costs we incur to deliver your order.

You will be refunded the subtotal; providing your item is still in new condition, has not been used and is still in its original packaging.

If the product is not in its original condition, is dirty/has been used, a restocking fee may be applied.

We are able to exchange goods if an exchange is available. In order to be eligible for a refund or exchange, items must be returned within 14 working days of the date of delivery.

Have we missed anything? 

Please let us know! 


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