Football Rebounders

Practice your tricks, flicks, and volleys, with our range of box football rebounders. Watch the rebounder training videos, or browse our latest rebounder reviews to choose the best one for you.

Spot Rebounders

The Spot Rebounder is extremely simply to assemble, all poles are pre-attached with elastic and it literally takes 2 minutes to put up with packing back down (into a quality carry bag) taking a similar amount of time. As with all of the Quickplay range, the product quality is of a high standard with both steel and fibreglass used. The Spot Rebounder is strong and durable yet is lightweight and ultra-portable making it perfect for a multitude of sports.

Spot Elite Rebounder

The Spot Elite Rebounder takes training to the next level, at 8’x6′ the rebounders large target area encompasses the soft pass system allowing the ball to loop back further. The frame is manufactured to a professional standard using heavy-duty coated steel and solid core fibreglass uprights, with a weighted base there’s no need for sandbags or weights. It only takes 2 minutes to set-up or pack away the rebounder making it a truly portable and innovative football training aid.

Pro Rebounder

The Pro Rebounder is aimed at players of all abilities who want to perfect their passing, touch and control both when the ball is on the ground and in the air. The Pro Rebounder has a 2m square target with an adjustable angle and net tension that dictates the direction at which the ball rebounds making it perfect for passing, shooting and accuracy training drills.

Combo Rebounders & Goals

All of our Combo Goals are endorsed by Academy level football coaches and clubs. They give you the best of both worlds by being both a football goal and a rebounder in one product. Swapping between the two couldnt be easier and can be achieved in less than 2 minutes. This range includes the award winning Elite Combo which won the ISPO gold award for 2016.